Our Daily Meditation Practice on The Lord's Prayer


For a few Moments, Close Your Eyes to Block out Distractions.

When you are comfortable and at Peace, open your eyes.
Read the Prayer-and-Commentary Below.
Pause, Think, and Meditate on its meaning for you.

The  Prayer  Jesus  Taught  His  Disciples  to  Pray

(Matthew 6:9-13  and  Luke 11:2-4)



    Our Father (Our Spiritual Parent God) in heaven
(within “the Inner Chamber of our soul”; the place called
“the Holy of Holies”; “the Secret Place of the Most High”
Your “Kingdom”, “the Kingdom of God”, “the Realm of
Divine Ideas”), hallowed  (whole; perfect; holy; divine;
sacred)  be  YOUR  Name  (Your  Nature).  YOUR Kingdom
(“the Realm of Divine Ideas, producing their expression of
perfect harmony”) COME.  YOUR Will  (“Nature of
Absolute Good”) BE DONE in/on earth (“the outer”), as it
is in heaven (the “Realm of Divine Ideas” within us).

   YOU give us this day (the “time of light between one

night and the next;   understanding;  intelligence”) and
our daily bread (“livelihood;  food;  universal substance;
substance of the omnipresent Christ body;  sustenance for
spirit, mind, and  body;    the substance in words of Truth
we appropriate when we pray and meditate on Truth”).   

    YOU forgive us our debts (burdens; lack; impatient

desire; transgressions; covetousness), as WE FORGIVE our
debtors  (as WE FOR thoughts contrary to Truth GIVE
thoughts  based on divine LOVE, peace, radiant health,
and the abundance of good for self and our debtors).


    YOU do not lead  us  into  temptation.   (We make the
choice to enter or not to enter into that land of
enticement).  YOU deliver us from evil. (YOUR Gift to us,
of the Power of Thought, allows us to be transformed, by
the renewing of our mind.  As we meditate on and realize
Your indwelling Spirit of Love, we are SET FREE from evil
(from “fallen human consciousness”; “error thoughts”;
ill attitudes; “inharmonious conditions”).

    Our Soul Is Renewed!  We See Ever So Clearly!

Our Spiritual Parent GOD, WE, JUST ONE!    In this
Radiant Light, we EXPRESS Divine Love, Health, Strength,
Peace, Joy, Wisdom, and Life More Abundantly.
Thank  YOU   Father-Mother  GOD  for  YOU.  Amen.
Prepared for Emmaus Center, by Emma Louise Luster-Lassiter
(tweaked 9/15/2012 from previous versions)